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"...God is your light from within, it shines through your beautiful skin." CeeLo Green sings the beautifully crafted lyrics that serve as the blueprint to the vibe of this juice that actually aids in giving you glowing skin. This one makes you have to close your eyes and take it all in, all of the flavors mixed together that just make sense.

Beautiful Skin is the fifth and final juice in our Marathon Weight Loss Plan. It aids in weight loss/management, provides an improvement in skin, lowers blood pressure, is high in fiber and protein, and relieves joint pain.


Nutrition Facts :                                                                                 Calories:146

Sugars: 22g Carbohydrates: 36g Protein 4g Calcium: 152% Vitamin A:363   Vitamin C 93% Potassium 788mg Fiber 8g Iron: 1%

Beautiful Skin

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