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You feel that? Sip I'm Serious and feel yourself be immersed into a hot summer's day in Atlanta, riding downtown with a heavy beat blasting from your speakers and the southern drawl of TIP fueling you for what's to come of the day. That's the vibe its giving.....ENERGY.

I'm Serious serves as a post workout as it gives you back those nutrients that may have been burned off during an intense workout. It also helps with boosting the immune system as it is filled with Vitamin C, calcium and potassium.


Nutrition Facts :                                                                               Calories:232

Sugars: 30g  Carbohydrates: 59g  Protein 4g  Calcium: 57%  Vitamin A: 266% Vitamin C 224% Potassium 760mg Fiber 9g Iron: 5%

I'm Serious

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